AFRFAF 24th Annual Major General

Francis T. Donohue Golf Tournament

The West Point Golf Course
Monday, August 19th, 2024. Details coming soon!




Registration is now OPEN. Please join us on Monday, August 19, 2024 for our 24th Annual Golf Outing at the historic West Point Golf Course. 


A new car for a Disabled Army Veteran … May 2023 

We recently received a request for assistance from “PJ” – a former Army soldier who served for 12 years and who lives in Pittsburgh. PJ was sleeping in his 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis while in a VA rehabilitation program for homeless veterans. 

PJ has PTSD due to deployment about ten years ago. He spent 13 months in Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantryman. We spoke to JC about his predicament and how to address the challenge that lay before him.  

PJ’s family had broken contact with him when he joined the Army in 2007.  Following separation from the Army, PJ was faced with passing of his parents, PTSD, adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression, and spine & brain injuries.   

Initially, we spoke with the mechanic who had worked PJ’s old car and who was reluctant to do more because the car was in such bad shape.  PJ ultimately sold the old car for scrap to cover repair costs already incurred. Then, the magic of our benefactors began to work.  

A retired Navy medic we know from Pittsburgh knew the owner of Pinnacle Auto, a car dealership in nearby Jeannette, PA.  The owner had a Kia Soul on his lot that was inexpensive and safe – his mechanic gave it two-thumbs up! 

After some negotiating and a contribution from Wounded Warriors of PA, PJ had a friend take him to Pinnacle Auto where he showed proof of insurance and was handed the keys to his ‘new to him’ Kia Soul. 

The owner expected PJ would simply drive off like every other customer, so he wasn’t expecting the big hug PJ gave him in thanks for helping him start back on the road to getting his life together.  

PJ spent significant time speaking, texting, and messaging our board members and providing swift responses to our requests for documents or other items.   Pinnacle was a big part of ‘saving the day’ for this grant.  PJ is now part of the VA Grant and Per Diem (GPD) aid program that helps veterans find and keep permanent housing. 

When we last spoke with PJ, he was as happy as a kid at Christmas with the newest and hottest toy in one moment, yet in the next moment he sounded like someone whose story was just changed from having a bad ending.  He is immensely grateful for the support and assistance AFRFAF provided … thanks to the generosity of our donors and patrons.   

We think this $6,500 grant was one of our largest and most impactful.   

It is always gratifying to see how the work we do helps so many soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen & air women, and coast guard members. 

 Big thanks to everyone involved!! 


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