With record numbers of Reserve and National Guard troops being called to active duty, the stresses on their families are enormous. Many lose a substantial chunk of their family’s income. All lose an able-bodied person around the house who normally wrote out the bills, made repairs around the house, or picked up the kids or grandma every afternoon.

Over and over again, we hear stories of how well families of deployed Reserves cope with the big picture problems: the finances, the everyday logistics, the absence of a loved one, with the help of official and unofficial resources and support groups. Yet over and over again, we also hear stories of how some otherwise trivial little emergency, like a dead car battery or a busted pipe, drives them over the edge into despair, hopelessness and tears – if only for just a moment.

Because sometimes it really is the little things that make the difference between a difficult situation and an unbearable one. That’s where you and we can help. With your generous contributions, AFRFAF helps families of deployed U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard troops cope with the little emergencies of life while their loved ones are away.

AFRFAF helps soldiers. There are things that the families of deployed soldiers need but cannot pay for. Due to the drop in pay of some of our mobilized Reserve and National Guard soldiers, sometimes money is short and that is when they need our help. AFRFAF makes awards to families of soldiers, or directly to soldiers, to fix cars, make home repairs or to catch up on unpaid bills. Because like it or not, for Guard and Reserve families during a deployment, life goes on.

The need for your help is greater than ever. And even the smallest contribution can make all the difference in the life of a Reserve family. Please take the time to make a contribution, or offer your goods or services, to AFRFAF today.