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Who AFRFAF Provides Assistance To

Reservists are civilians. When a Reservist gets deployed, the family left behind has to cope as best it can without the income and the presence of the missing member.

For the families of deployed Reservists, life goes on, and occasionally bad things happen. These may be unfortunate minor accidents or emergencies of many kinds, typically not covered by insurance, that the deployed Reservist would normally be expected to handle, or provide for.

AFRFAF is here to help. If the oil burner breaks, or the roof leaks, or the car breaks down, if a relative is hospitalized out of town, or a family member needs to go on a school trip, AFRFAF can be there for you.

Types of Assistance AFRFAF Provides

AFRFAF can help with a demonstrated need that can be handled by a referral to a craftsman or professional willing to provide a needed service, or through a direct grant of funds to effect a repair, make a trip or buy a birthday present. Please note, AFRFAF can help with emergencies, but does not and cannot provide long-term financial assistance or income supplementation.

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If you are a qualifying Reserve family member in need, and you believe AFRFAF can help, please click one of the buttons below to request AFRFAF assistance.
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