• Paid about $700 or an oil delivery to a Army National Guard family in western PA in November.  Their income was being spent to drive the soldier to and from visits to Walter Reed hospital
  • Paid a Navy reservist $1,200 for car repairs.
  • Helped a Army Reservist’s wife pay day care costs.  The family had a drop in pay due to the husband’s mobilization, an increase in day care expenses since he was no longer available to holp baby-sit and the wife had to work fewer hours.  AFRFAF got them “caught up” for about $1,200
  • An Army Reserve sergeant returned from a deployment and had just found work when she needed funds to pay her rent and some old bills.  We gave her a fresh start for about $600.
  • A National Guard soldier’s wife had two vehicles. Both needed repairs to be safely driven. She picked the most gas-efficient and we repaired that one for $2,500.
  • An Army Reservist returned home and was working while going to school.  He had $500 of unpaid rent which we paid for him.  Not only did he call to say thank you – like most people, but his landlord called to thank us as well.
  • A Reseve soldier who was injured in an IED explosion could not do the police work he did prior to deployment.  The VA classified him at 80%+ disability.  However, the VA’s backlog in processing payments caused him to have no income for several months after separation from the Army.  We paid about 2,000 in bills for him.